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AID is constantly imparted awareness and get facility from the Government as per the MSs Act. First in the entire state of Karnataka, because AID have advocated the implementation of the The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Their Rehabilitation Act-2013 Act as a continually with the Davangere District.
As a result, one hundred and fifty-six families have obtained identity papers in accordance with the said Act. These families will get the right to rehabilitation in accordance with the Act. Having suitable accommodation as part of rehabilitation, availing credit facilities for alternative occupations. Getting scholarships for children. Vocational training is done.

22-01-2020 Nituvalli, Davangere Prajavani reporter

Discussion on rural manual survey.

Urban manual scavengers survey at Jagalur city.

Manual scavengers received benefit under SC ST Sub plan Act-2013. 28/08/2020.